Staging Do’s and Don’ts

While I’d love to help you with your staging needs and a professional eye can maximize staging’s benefits, I’ll share a few Do’s and Don’ts of Staging with you!   This will be the first post in a series. 

DO make the entrance to the house as inviting as the house itself. First impression goes a long way. The grass should be cut, the hedges should be trimmed, the door handles should be clean and polished. Add a new mailbox, nice looking house numbers, potted plants, and a welcome mat to greet them at the door.

DON’T overstage your home. Too much stuff can make a house feel cluttered. You also run the risk of dictating a space in a way that the buyer wouldn’t want to see and actually turn them off from the property.

DO find a way to highlite the most attractive feature in each room. For example, call attention to the fireplace in the living room by putting a mirror or painting on the mantel with some candles and a few logs in the fireplace.

DON’T have your furnitures pushed against the walls. Avoid this common mistake and position furniture in a cozy, more conversational manner. You also want to avoid using furniture that is too big for the space, as this can make the space look small.

Source: FortuneBuilders Home Selling System.